Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest: Original German Handcrafted Coo Coo Clock (over 500 models)

Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest are very beautiful, so we offer an exquisite assortment of over 500 original handcrafted german cuckoo clocks: a basic Black Forest cuckoo clock, a contemporary Black Forest cuckoo clock, coo coo clock models with music and dancing figurines, and as well as Black Forest cuckoo clocks with hand-carved and hand-painted moving figurines from the Black Forest region in Germany.

cuckoo clocks: original handcrafted Black Forest COO COO CLOCKS

We can offer one of the following coo coo clocks for you:

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks from our factory are today still completely handcrafted by woodcarvers just as they were 200 years ago. Every cuckoo clock is meticulously inspected and tested for proper function for several days before it is carefully packed and leaves the factory located in the beautiful and serene Black Forest. All cuckoo clocks come with operating instructions and a seal showing genuine Black Forest authenticity. We will ship from Germany within 3 weeks without any additional charges for shipping & handling. However, custom import duties and taxes are not included, if such are applicable. Our warranty time is 24 till 60 month after shipping, but normally you won´t need it.
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Black Forest in Germany

The Black Forest region is the home of the cuckoo clocks. It was in the year 1730, that the clockmaker Franz Ketterer created the first one in Schoenwald in the Black Forest. He succeeded in imitating the natural cukcoo call with two different bellows. Today this typical Black Forest cuckoo clock ticks in almost every living-room throughout the world and has brought fame to its home country. During the long winter months, when the farms were snowed-in, handcrafted clocks of different styles with rich carvings were created by love of detail combined with inventing imagination and fine-art skill. Gradually this production became the home industry of the Black Forest people. In the summer months the clockmakers travelled on foot with their clocks carried on the back during long journeys throughout Europe. They became the pioneers of the German clock industry and made it world-wide known. Till today the carvings and clock cases are handmade by skilled workers according to the tradition of many centuries. We also make our clock assortment by hand and only use exact mechanical movements and high quality carvings for our production. By this handcraft of high standard, we offer our customers reliable time-pieces. This quality product "Coo Coo Clock made in Germany" guarantees buyers highest demands of quality.

And now find your special coo coo clock from our original german cuckoo clocks assortment.

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